Editing Services

Weidener Consulting offers editing services for fiction, nonfiction and memoir.

Consultations on publishing and marketing your work are also available.

About Susan Weidener’s editing . . .

“I can heartily endorse Susan for her developmental editing services. When Susan received my draft, I had a strong notion of what my story was about, but my organization was clearly very wobbly. Her development edits of my manuscript were both specific and detailed.

She pointed out that the content of one of the chapters actually should be designated as preface. With dozens of detailed comments, she helped shape my story into a more fluid narrative, helping me restructure paragraphs and sentences. Her assistance with naming chapter titles was invaluable too.

Above all, Susan is an encourager, pointing out what I did right, a valuable asset in the toil of bringing to life a book-long project. Her background as journalist, novelist, and memoirist makes her uniquely competent to critique my work; I have dubbed Susan my Story Surgeon.”
  Marian Longenecker Beaman, Mennonite Daughter: The Story of a Plain Girl, to be published 2019

“Susan was a godsend. I have had other people edit my work but no one else could teach me how to revise my own book the way she did. I didn’t understand that my memoir was not focused. I didn’t really understand what my own story was about . . . I had too many tangential ideas that shouldn’t have been in the book. Susan helped me understand it without hurting my feelings.” Johanna J. Smith, MA, LPC, author of Fragmented, a Southern Memoir

“Susan teaches me what I need to know about how to write a book that will be published. I send her sections of my novel and her comments make a dramatic difference as I use them to revise. She is committed to helping me succeed. We are a team and I really enjoy working with her. She wants to get to know her writers, and give them the extra help that they need to succeed. She is much more than an editor. She will be your partner in the most fulfilling journey of your life.” 
Curtis Stameyauthor, Saving Linda, a novel 

Types of Edits:

Sensitive Critiques: This service provides a sensitive critique of the first 10 pages of your double-spaced manuscript. The opening of your book is crucial in drawing the reader’s attention. Critiquing evaluates effective writing.

Developmental/content edits include comments on organization and pacing, character and story development.

Line-by-line edits tighten and restructure sentences to make the narrative flow in a professional and readable manner.

Copy edits include grammar, syntax and punctuation based on standard professional editing practices found in The Chicago Manual of Style and Strunk and White.

For additional information about publishing, editing and writing services fees, contact Susan Weidener at sgweidener@comcast.net.

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