If You Don’t Write, Life Is Just One Thing After Another

We live in a world where too often people are glued to their screens, they’re not getting outside, taking a walk, just living, just observing, just listening to someone else. See that’s the joy of being a writer. All of that is part of your job description. And in the end, you’re making sense out of “one damn thing after another.”

The Ancestry and Legacy Journey

The Ancestry journey has been an exercise in “and the memory returns.” My father said that the Weideners came to Philadelphia prior to the Revolutionary War. “Weidener with three e’s is the real German spelling,” he insisted, not the Weidner and Widener as some spell it.

And the Memory Returns

Told with beauty and warmth, insight and style, And the Memory Returns captures a woman’s journey as she ages and finds healing and redemption.


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